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Peanuts to Have Gritty, R-rated Reboot Focusing on Snoopy’s Time in WWI

By Bradley Rabinowitz In a recent press conference from 20th Century Fox, details about new, upcoming projects were announced. These include another Croods sequel titled The Croods 3: What Are Those Fiery Rocks in the Sky?, an animated reality show The Real Housewives of Gru’s Minions, and another Peanuts movie that’s going to be takingContinue reading “Peanuts to Have Gritty, R-rated Reboot Focusing on Snoopy’s Time in WWI”

Elevators Only go Down Now

By Thomas In Purchase College’s never ending strive for perfection and unending construction that always seems to be going on some place on the campus, the school has recently announced that all elevators on campus will only go down.  Some would say that this change has been a long time coming for Purchase College, aContinue reading “Elevators Only go Down Now”

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