In the wake of Covid-19 forcing businesses both big and small to close their doors, movie theaters have been among the hardest hit. Movie theaters were gross enough before people suddenly cared about the spread of germs. Now, movie theaters have been collecting dust as people opt to stay healthy and save money, time and effort by streaming movies at home instead of driving out to a place to watch them there. 

Recently, several movie theaters have announced their plans to make some revenue to keep them afloat until they can once again fill their theaters. Their plan is to convert theaters into hotel rooms and rent them out to weary travelers, just like any other hotel. 

This approach does make some sense. Of course, people will still be using the theaters, but with less people in them, they can be cleaned more thoroughly between each use. Most theaters nowadays are fitted with comfy reclining chairs that people would sleep in even when they were there to watch a movie. Now, people will get to choose which seat to sleep in, and catch a little snooze. Customers will be able to order room service, which comes from the snack bar, so options are limited to soda, candy popcorn and whatever precooked food is on the menu. Some theaters are undergoing construction to add a pool to the hotel guests to use. 

Theater companies are confident that people will be comfortable using their theaters as hotel rooms. The rates for these new rooms are starting at $200 a night. With such good deals, people can’t stop talking about how much they want to see the hype for themselves.  People are lining up to get inside movie theaters, which are now as packed as ever.

This forward thinking approach may be worrisome to people who acknowledge that the virus has not gone away. But with the theaters being used in a way other than their intended use, it is unlikely that the virus will be a threat to visitors. Since the risk was present when theaters showed movies, the theaters will stop projecting movies onto the screens in order to keep people safe.

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