Office Workers Crap Outside

By Aidan Kushner: The Harken-Millgram Oil company offices have a new policy for their employees. They have forbidden having bowel movements in the bathrooms. Now if employees must relieve themselves they are required to go outside. According to CEO Mr. Harken Millgram, “We feel awful about the pollution we are causing with our oil product.Continue reading “Office Workers Crap Outside”

Movie Review: Incel in the City

By: Calder Mansfield “The heartwarming tale of four bros looking for love–if women would just stop being such whores” We all know Darren Star as the creator of Emily in Paris and Sex and the City. Despite both America and France deeming Emily in Paris, “an unholy abomination that spits upon the flags of AmericaContinue reading “Movie Review: Incel in the City”